Standing out from the competition can get Top Dollar for your home.

Standing out from the crowd increases the perceived value of your home by making it different and more appealing than the competition. “Standing out” is exactly what buyers are looking for in the GTA. To get your home maximum attention and top dollar, we employ a four step approach:

  1. Expert Staging Advice - We will consult with you to determine what, if anything needs improvement in your home. Market research shows that staged homes sell in as little as 30 days and for up to 5-10% more than homes not staged. (Staging is optional, but recommended in some cases.)
  2. Upgrade Advice - In order to drive up the market value of your home, as high as possible, we will recommend possible upgrades, but only if necessary. Please note that upgrades are not always required to achieve the desired result. We will ONLY focus on items that will net you more money at the end of the sale.
  3. Professional Pre-Inspection - An inspection can uncover potential problems prior to putting your home on the market. Resolving these problems prior to a sale can save you up to 40% in repair costs.
  4. High Quality Photos -90% of the time, the first showing of your home will take place on the Internet. For this reason, it is critical to use photos that capture the very best features your home has to offer. The right angles, with wide angle lenses and proper lighting make a significant difference in the number of showings a home receives.

To get top dollar for your home, standing out from the competition is not optional. A true Real Estate Professional knows how to help you achieve maximum differentiation and capitalize on it to get you up to 10% more for your home.